Former owners, Ian & Joanne Duff have retired as of April 30th, 2018
after 8 years of owning and operating the Huron Club Restaurant & Bar.

“We wish to thank all the people we’ve worked with… our dedicated staff, our regular guests, valued suppliers, talented musical artists and town officials… so many good people we’ve met along the way."

Ian & Joanne Duff

Stay tuned to hear from the new owner...


94 Pine Street
Collingwood, ON, L9Y 2N9

Take a Virtual Tour inside the Huron Club.


1. Former Owners retired April 30th
2. They are in the process of selling the business and leasing the building to a new owner who intends to reopen the Huron Club this July
3. The Club will continue serving Collingwood great food and live music this summer


1. "The Huron Club has just sold" TRUE
(See facts above and stay tuned)

2. "The previous owners are leaving town" FALSE
(Nope... Theye're here to stay & can’t wait to be able to eat at the club)

3. "Must be hard times in Collingwood with several restaurants closing" FALSE
(We just had our best year ever and see nothing but a continued business boon here in Collingwood and area. People are retiring here and young families are moving here for the best four season active lifestyle available in Ontario and beyond!)