Dear Musicians:

Good news... the Huron Club is re-opening in July... stayed tuned to this page for updates...


Use this form to let us know what dates you are available and at what proposed amount.

Thur : $100-$200 plus one drink each and 50% off food

Fri and Sat: $150-$300 plus one drink each and 50% off food

Sun: $100-$200 plus one drink each and 50% off food

Gigs start at 8pm and end by 11pm and are 3 x 45 minute sets with 2 x 15 minute breaks. Alternatively, if able, 2 x 70 minute sets work well on some slower nights... Please ensure that breaks do not exceed 15 minutes to avoid losing the crowd.

Set up time is available betwen 3 and 4:30pm if you are able. You can park at back (if room) or across 2nd street and come in through the patio gate, up the ramp and directly onto the stage (avoiding coming through a busy dining room) .

At our managers discretion, on extremely busy nights we may pay up to $50 more than the agreed amount and on slow nights we may cancel the third set and reduce the amount by no more than $50.

Feel free to let us know in the comment field which of the dates is your preferred date to play.

Be sure to promote your gig on social media and send us any promotional poster or pics by email.

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